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Twelfth Edition NOW AVAILABLE

"The value of how and where-to-fish books depends solely on the passion of the publisher for accuracy. Maddy Sheehan's classic Fishing in Oregon, Twelfth Edition has caught up once again with the fast-changing world of Oregon's still-unprecedented sport fisheries. New hotspots have replaced old; new destinations have been added; new fisheries...new techniques...new technology...new rules...It's all here and thoroughly researched by one of the state's most experienced angling authors. Maddy's work reflects the enthuiasm and good work of many new, young and proficient biologists whose first exposure to Oregon fishing and fisheries (as a matter of fact) was through the previous excellent editions of this up-to-date encyclopedia."
-- Bill Monroe, The Oregonian

The most comprehensive reference for finding and exploring the breadth and depth of fishing spots in Oregon. Go, find and enjoy!
-- Jim Martin, retired Chief of Fisheries, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife; Conservation Director, Berkley Conservation Institute; Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame.

"Simply the most comprehensive, reliable and accurate reference for anglers in the Beaver State." Henry Miller - Statesman Journal Media

"An angler could spend a decade scouting fishing waters and weeks on the Internet and still not have a fraction of the fishing information contained in the latest edition of a classic Oregon guidebook... a pearl in the sea of angling guides." Rich Landers - Spokesman Review

"I always keep the most recent edition tucked in the seat pocket of my rig. Reading it cover to cover, then dipping into it every chance I get, I've discovered some of my favorite Oregon waters." Dave Hughes - An Angler's Astoria and Pocketguide to Western Hatches

"Every five years or so Maddy Sheehan writes a love letter to Oregon in the form of this masterful guide. For decades she has cultivated relationships wih our waters, fisheries, anglers, and stewards, and her deep knowledge of Oregon emerges from every page. Share this treasure with your family, friends, colleagues, and anyone new to "Fishing in Oregon""
--Liz Hamilton, Director, Northwest Sportfishing Industry Association

"We are proud owners of every edition ever published." Bud and Marcia Hartman - Founding Members, Oregon Bass and Panfish Club

"Fishing in Oregon remains the go-to-reference for beginner and veteran anglers alike. It's an incredible resource for learning new fisheries in every corner of Oregon, representing thousands of hours of research and detail that everyone can use."
--Bob Rees, The Guide's Forecast

"We have directed our readers to it for years." Kelly Fenley - The Register-Guard

Twelfth Edition NOW AVAILABLE