Welcome to Fishing in Oregon, The Twelfth Edition published by Flying Pencil Productions.


Welcome to Fishing in Oregon. My name is Maddy Sheehan. I’ve been compiling this encyclopedia of Oregon fishing since 1985, growing its coverage from a slender hundred pages or so to the present 424 page behemoth.

            If you’re new to Fishing in Oregon, you’ll appreciate not only this introduction to virtually every fishable water in the state, but also insight into how to fish this sprawling landscape, with its complex interaction between ocean and inland streams, its dramatic variations in geology, and its year-round fishing opportunities.

            If we've been fishing together for years (or even decades), and you're holding your book together with rubber bands, much has happened since the last edition was published in 2013. I encourage you to review my write-up of your favorite waters before heading out. There have been at least nine significant wildfires in important watersheds since 2018 alone, which have impacted access, safety, and scenery (though not quality and quantity of fish). Many warmwater fisheries have done their inevitable cyclical thing (crappie up, bass down, or vice versa). Public access to a significant amount of private forest in western Oregon has been curtailed (Weyerhaueser). Persistent drought (especially in eastern Oregon) has taken its toll on many desert fisheries. Illegally introduced predatory and competing fish populations in some lakes have achieved a temporary truce with one another, while others have so burgeoned that ODFW is regularly stocking serious quantities of larger trout in many lakes to give trout and trout anglers a fighting chance. More than a dozen marginal lakes have been withdrawn from the stocking program in recognition of the futility of the effort (and not incidentally to respect the importance of preserving habitat for threatened aquatic reptiles and amphibians). And much more, including the reassuring news that Oregon still has some of the best fishing available in the U.S. It just may not necessarily be exactly when, what, and where it was when you fished these waters as a youngster!

            As always, more than 100 detailed maps identify boat and bank access, submerged structure, and historic fishing holes. And you'll find suggestions for gear, introduction to local fishing terms and techniques, recommended road and trail directions (in case your cell service fails in the back of beyond), and photos of big fish and beautiful places to whet your enthusiasm. To paraphrase Jim Martin’s wonderful Preface to the Twelfth Edition, “Read, fish, and enjoy!”


Keep in Touch

For more than fifty years (34 on my own watch), Fishing in Oregon has distilled the collective knowledge of Oregon anglers and fishery scientists, offering a portrait of Oregon fisheries and how they respond to drought, flood, fire, climate change, and human intervention. As you use this book to explore Oregon, contribute to the chronicle by letting me know (by phone, letter, or email) of errors, omissions, and changes you encounter in your travels.